1095 Galway Road

1095 Galway Road

This modern homes program was influenced by CCR’s understanding of Organic Architecture as it specifically influences form and function.   The conceptual layout for this owner’s program of spaces was organized to maximize the home’s use as a place to entertain folks over periods of time exceeding just a day or evening visit.   It was understood that guests must feel comfortable for a weekend or more.   The balance of large, open public areas and more intimately scaled, private spaces was utilized and considered a success by both the owner’s family and friends.  An additional program requirement was to use sustainable systems and practices to reduce monthly operating costs for this large home.  CCR’s knowledge of passive and active systems were leveraged to find a project specific solution to maximize energy efficiency.

Several of our sustainable ideas were also purposeful in setting the homes scale, volume and eventual aesthetics.   As an example,  the homes volume, including proportions of both roof and exterior walls,  was informed by the heating system requirements.   The roofs height was driven by its use as a main component of the passive solar, heat exchange system.

During the heating season heat is collected from the dark, shingle roof through the attic and into sub-floor zones via centralized duct passages.  These masonry and concrete finished zones, below the living level, absorb heat throughout the day and release it during the night into and through the multi-layer, wood floors.  Heating costs are less than half of typical homes with similar size and volume using conventional systems as sole-source heating.

Our integrated design process also leveraged ‘in-house’ design of the exterior and interior walls,  and mechanical, plumbing and electrical (MEP) systems.   This coordination allowed seamless, non-intrusive infrastructure locations and operation.  With this control we were able to allow the large interior program to stand out as a set of highly crafted spaces for entertaining.

Many other passive systems were used including high insulation R-Values and appropriate orientation to take advantage of, or protect from, solar latitudes thoughout the year.