CCR’s Planning Blog: Discovery, Strategy and Reporting Phases

We intend to leverage our experience in faith community planning to help groups consider the value of this discovery phase.  We believe the paradigm changes occurring within The Church and our communities require reconsideration of the traditional ‘Master Plan’ process.   The pace and depth of change requires flexible, emergent strategies that can react and transform as needed.
Planning within this context requires a holistic approach guided by the Communities’ unique Mission and informed by stakeholders thoughts and needs.  Together we develop a ‘living-document’ with intentional goals and assigned action items to enhance Mission and prepared to adapt and promote emergent, mission-based strategies.  Budgetary considerations and maintenance will be a priority to ensure actions can move forward and reach successful outcomes.
We’ll also describe how appropriate planning serves to inform and prepare for design.  These informers, occurring at a quickening pace, will also be discussed in our companion design blog.
Several of our CCR Planning Blog Topics in 2019 include:

I. Discovery
1. ‘Plan-To-Plan’: The What’s and Why’s of Discovery
2. Faith Based Planning 1.0: Strategy Leveraged from Mission
3. Don’t forget All Your Peeps and Pieces: Ministries Past, Present and Future
4. Budget Realities: Identifying and Reconciling Needs and Costs

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