Spec Buildings and Fit-Outs

Spec Buildings and Fit-Outs

Corkill Cush Reeves has completed many office buildings and interior fit-outs in the last thirty five years.  A recent survey provided evidence that CCR has now completed commercial office designs for over One Million SF of new office space.  One of the reasons we’ve kept commercial clients content is our deep understanding of a buildings day-to-day management requirements.  This knowledge based on John Corkill, Jr’s 35 year ownership and operation of his own, 15K GSF, spec office building.

Designing with simplistic-yet-efficient systems and ‘off-the-shelf’ components is critical to long-term viability.  We understand a tenant’s immediate need for comfort or completed repair.  There is no expectation or patience for long lead times or eventual solutions in this market.

Many of our long term clients meet their tenant needs by leveraging our ability to think like an Owner as we make design decisions together.  As an example; we calculate each tenant space using the BOMA International “Standard Method for Measuring Floor Area in Office Buildings”.  This always helps our clients negotiate with accurate and standardized information.

Some of our most recent office development clients include:

The Holdings Group, Inc.
700 Pennsylvania Avenue, 
Washington, D.C., NW
Fifth Floor:  6530 GSF expansion for a new holdings firm affiliated with TRG

Berman Enterprises, LC

Office Building 312 Marshall Avenue, 
Laurel, Maryland
Fifth Floor:   Laurel Community College Admin.(LCC) Tenant fit-out for12.4K floor plate.
Ninth Floor: Aspire  tenant fit-out for Suite 901
Ninth Floor: NWC, Inc.tenant fit-out for Suite 902

 Andrews Federal Credit Union Building
5801 Allentown Road
Suitland, Maryland
First Floor: Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Suites 104 and 106.  Full services. 8,480 square feet.  This space included doctor’s and dentist’s exam room, support spaces and offices.
Second Floor: 1. The Helix Group, Inc., Suite 206.
2. Spine Team Maryland, LLC, Suite 209, Full services.  1,700 square feet.
Third Floor:    1. Unity Economic Development Corporation, 2,030 SF, Suite 308 & 308. (underway)

2. Dr. Gbenle Dental Office, Suite 306.  Full services, 1,870 square feet.
Fourth Floor: 1.  Western-Southern Life, Suite 412.  Full services. 1,095 square feet.
Fifth Floor:      1.  Medstar, Suite 510. Full services. 3,550 square feet.

Recent Office Buildings we’ve completed or are underway in 2014:

Annapolis Dermatology Center
71 N. Old Mill Bottom Road
Annapolis, Maryland

Excalibur Professional Building
16461 Excalibur Road, Bowie, Maryland
Please see our specific building and tenant fir-out projects for more information..