Holy Family Catholic Church

Holy Family Catholic Church

The original sanctuary by CCR (1988)

Original sanctuary nave -tower detail

Second Floor Assembly Hall used church and school

Holy Panera‘ adjacent to Hall for youth and school use (2012)

Holy Family Catholic Church

The Archdiocese of Baltimore foresaw an imminent need for a new parish in the rapidly expanding community of Davidsonville, MD. CCR was commissioned to plan and design a completely new worship center for this burgeoning community, approximately 9 miles from Annapolis. The original program required all necessary worship and ministry spaces to function as an autonomous church. Organized around a 550 seat sanctuary, the new church would incorporate (2) office wings and a lower-level ministry center. This level would have a 250 seat parish hall and (6) classrooms for sunday school.

The committee believed a design that promoted the Modern Church while respecting the historic continuity and significance of the Catholic Faith was appropriate. The design concept was to be both modern in form and function while using time-honored, institutional materials. The timelessness and strength of masonry would be a reoccurring theme for both exterior and interior material use. The use of large windows and nave clerestory would carry on the historic recollection of the great cathedrals while observing thoughtful orientation and location within the sanctuary to bring in non-direct, natural light.

Today, this successful use of diffused, well placed natural light creates a soft, atmospheric quality to the worship spaces. The effect continues to provide a special experience for the faithful who worship here.